Bad Experience : Fell From My Ride

In our life, I’m sure we all have both good and bad experiences. Those things have their own function. Good experiences make us believe, that life is really beautiful, so we have to thanks God for all the goodness and happiness we have. And bad experiences are needed to remind us that things are not always as what we want, so we have to be so careful and always pray to God, to save us from the bad things that can come every time. And this piece of story is my bad experience that makes me more careful, more patient, and try to be closer to God. Read it, enjoy it, take a good wisdom from it.
That was a rainy day on Thursday evening. I just left my classroom and ready to take a rest, and prepare for my choir practice at 4 p.m. staying too long in the campus, I felt so bored that I really wanted to go home as soon as I can. I looked the sky, wondered if it’s gonna raid soon or not, I decided to go home then. I looked for my motorcycle’s key, took my ride out of the parking lot, and ride it home. For your information, I’m a new rider with low riding skills.
On my way back home, suddenly, rain fell. So I stopped at the edge of the street, and wore my rain coat. Then, two woman with their motorcycle passed me by, and suddenly the rider took a sudden brake, and then the ride shaky and the rider lose control and then they fell from their ride.
I really shocked to see that scene, I felt so worry about the two woman, so I took my drink from my bag, and gave it to the woman. After that I back to my ride, thanks to God because that wasn’t happened to me, and pray to God to save me and continue my way back home.
Luckily, I arrived at home save. But I thought, there was something wrong with my ride, because it sounded so strange, but I didn’t think that it was a big problem. I took a rest for a while, changed my clothes, washed my face, and had a little talk with my sister and her son.
Having a good conversation with them, I felt so lazy to back to campus. That was so strange, because I never felt so lazy to go to the campus, especially for choir practice, because I like to sing. But I never thought that was a bad feeling. So I took my ride, and ready to go to campus again. But then, my sister stopped me. She heard there something wrong with my ride, so she forbad me to go, and advised me to stay at home. At that time, my intuition said that I have to obey her, but I ignored it, and said to her that it will be alright, and go.
In my way to campus, I felt so right, no bad feeling, no bad sign, just like another way to campus. But when it just a little closer to the campus, a car in front of me made a move that made me so confused. He just turned to the edge of the street like he want to park the car, but when I gave a sign to take over him, he suddenly turn again to the street and made me took a sudden brake to avoid a crash. So my tire slipped, and then I fell from my ride, with my knees trailed along the street.
And then, the people on the street came to help me, and then they asked me to take a rest on a home near the place where I fell. The woman who owned the home let me in and helped me cleaned my scar, I even didn’t realize that I hurt. She cleaned my scar with alcohol to avoid infection. I screamed out loud when that painful liquid touched my scar.
The nice woman who helped me advised me to call my mother, so I called my mother and explained what happened. She was so shocked to hear that I had an accident and in a rush, she picked me up, and thanks the woman and took me home.
And then, even my scar healed in a week, but until now, and maybe forever, I will never forget the time when I fell from my ride.
From that experience I learned one thing, be careful on the street. End even I can’t forget it, I will never give up to ride my motorcycle. That accident even makes me more careful.
That’s my story about my bad experience, maybe you guys also have fell from your ride, don’t ever give up because if wee never fall, we’ll never aware.

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