Adverbial Clause

This time I’d like to explain about adverbial clause.
Adverbial clause is a clause that used as an adverb. Adverb it self, used to explain verb. Adverbial clause usually classified by the the words that used to introduce adverb clauses or usually called subordinating conjunction.

There some types of adverbial clause:

1. Clause of time
A clause that explain time, usually use conjunction as, when, while, before, after, no sooner, etc

a. We can go when the rain stops
b. I’m having lunch while the gardener watering the plants
c. She has left this town before you woke up

2. Clause of place
A clause that explain place, usually use conjunction as where, whenever, nowhere, anywhere, etc.

Sentences :
a. I love the university where I spend my management major now.
b. God knows what you’re doing, wherever you are

3. Clause of Contrast
A clause that shows the opposite of conditions that hooked one and another, usually use conjunction as although, though, even though, whereas, even if, in spite of, as the time, etc.

Sentences :
a. He keeps on running although his feet hurt
b. Though the rain falls, I’ll go to the concert
c. I’ll stay here, even if the storm blows.

4. Clause of Manner
A clause that shows how things happen, usually use conjunction as how, like, as, etc.

Sentences :
a. He acts like a superstar.
b. We still remember how we first meet
c. He eat the meal like he like it.

5. Clause of Purpose and Result.
The A clause that shows the connection between purpose and result. Usually use conjunction as (in order) that, so that, in the hope that, in case, etc.

Sentences :
a. We have to go in the morning, so that we can avoid the traffic jam
b. I have to study hard, so that I can get a good GPA
c. I gave my mom a box of chocolate in the hope that she’ll like it

6. Clause of Cause and Effect

A clause that used to explain the connection between cause and effect. Usually use conjunction as because, since, as, etc.

Sentences :

  1. I can’t go to your piano recital because I have to go to my choir practice
  2. Since he can’t go anywhere, his secretary will come to your office

7. Clause of Condition

A clause that shows a connection between a condition and an event. Usually use conjunction as if, even if, unless, incase, etc

Sentences :

  1. I will come only if you want to accompany me
  2. If you leave me, I’ll be so stressed
  3. In case an accident in front of your house, you have to be so careful


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