Chef ; it’s not a job, it’s an art

I really love to cook, even-though I’m not really skilled in this things. But as the one who love to eat, cooking is a part of it, so in my spare time, every time I feel so hungry, I never have a doubt to cook by my self. I even ever want to be a chef, I ever talked to my mother how bad I want to go to a culinary school and be a greatest chef, have my own restaurant, and serve a high-skilled-delicious meal for every one. But my mom didn’t agree with that, because in her opinion, cooking is a basic skill which every ladies in this world surely have. So I just take cooking on my hobby’s list

But lately, I re-find my interest in cooking. it’s all because of a TV programs which looking for a people who don’t work on culinary things to be a chef. this kind of talent search really attracted my attention. why? first is absolutely because I love cooking

And the side reason is, this person :

maybe you don’t really familiar with this person, because he spent a lot of his time in U.S. But I have no doubt about his cooking skill, because this hot-tattooed-chef is :

  • Executive Chef Cuisine & Libations Jackrabbit
  • Studying under the renowned chef, Michael Symon and Chef Thomas Keller
  • Once a chef at one of the best restaurants in the world, The French Laundry.
  •  Having 14 years experience as a chef

toss aside a dark side of his past (Drug overdoses, jail time, street fights, kidnapped) I really love his statement in a press release.

“I like the clank of pans and pots on the stove, like music in my ears. Like the orchestra, I communicate with other chefs to make orders on time. Adrenaline, busy, fast tempo, and pressure, when it all finished, knowing that I had just gone through a busy night to serve the people, create a happiness in which I can only feel. And it gives a smile on his face when I fall asleep at night”

really sounds that he love this job, and being a chef is an art for him. And I think I agree with him, being a cook, or a chef is an art. An art how to make a meal looks and taste good, and how to make people happy to eat what you made.

And this time, I re-think about my passion to be a chef

I know that it’s hard to be a chef, there so much pressure, so many things to do and so little time to serve a meal in front of the guess without let them waiting to long. but I’s sure that kind of things makes a chef to be a chef, I mean there are several things that makes chef different from being a cook in the house. All that hurry things increase the adrenaline and there must be an expertise in thins thing.

If kitchen is a stage, then chef is like an artist behind the scene, they make the guess happy with what they serve in a plate, and makes every bite tasted so wonderful that the guess want it more and more.

And don’t forget about the crucial duty of a chef, makes a restaurant famous and have it’s own excellence among other restaurant.

And now I’m going to management major in my university, but it doesn’t mean that I have erase all my dreams to be a chef, I always spent my time in the kitchen, make something new to eat, even thought not all the food I cook tasted delicious. But I really love the feeling when I make a meal and arrange it beautifully in the plate, end I’ll be very happy when there’s people who likes my food.

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