Crimes in Educational Environment

Rio de Janeiro – A bloody violence in school occurred once again. A man with gun attacked his ex-school in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil , on Thursday (7/4). 11 students and 18 students’ dead and 18 people injured.

(Taken from SEPUTAR INDONESIA , Saturday (9/4)


Shocked, can’t believe and wonder. Maybe those feelings come when we read the piece of news above. How can the students who come to school with a good intention dead in the place that must be the place where they face their future. That’s so ironic. And  the suspect used to be the student in the same school where he brutally threw out the bullets of his gun. And after a bloody shoots which killed students in the 9-14 years, he summit suicide by shoot him self to die.

I wonder, what the hell’s happened with this guy’s brain and heart? Is he insane? Or is he just looking for attention? I don’t know, and the media still can’t find the reason why this guy did it. Maybe he has a grudge with a person in that school? Or he had a bad experience with his elementary school time there? Or he had a mental disorder?  Or the weird but possible to happened, he just looks for attention.

I don’t know is this kind of violence have happened in Indonesia or not, but I know It’s not only happen once in the world. At least I ever heard 8 cases like this on TV.

This case makes us wonder, how could the (pelaku) entered the school which should be kept by the security. Do we have to blame the security persons?

Well, I don’t know who to blame, but this case should be a (pelajaean) for us, to always be careful and aware of the situation around us, because criminality, not only caused by the intention of the (pelaku) but also cause there is a chance for them to do it (this is my favorite tag line for criminality)

So I advise you guys, to always aware, this is some tips for you to keep you away from criminality:

1.      Like our parent said when we were a child, never talk with strangers, maybe it’s too defensive, but the essential from this word is, if someone we know could do bad things to us, (apalagi) with strangers.

2.      Never put your self to a place you thing it could be the strategic place where the criminalities happened.

3.      Never show your valuable things off in the public place.

4.      Always pray to God to always save you from bad things


            There still so many things you can do to avoid criminality from you, you’re not a kid anymore, you know what’s good and what’s not for you.


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