Family is Where your Heart Is

If I could turn back time, Oh God, I really wish I could rejoice my childhood time. Maybe that’s impossible, and maybe you think I’m crazy to wish something in the past, but I tell you, yes, I really want to go back to the past, when I was just a little innocent girl. The time when everything just likes Disney’s films; beautiful, colorful, and joyful. The time when I just learn A B C, sang kid’s songs, draw with crayons and playing with my friends. There are no tests to face, no tasks to do, no deadlines to be afraid, no presentations to be presented, no stress, no sleepless, just enjoy the time.

Now, things are getting harder. There so much time I feel so tired, feel so depressed, and I really want to run away from all the things that stressed me up. If life just likes a computer’s program, I really want to press the Escape button on my keyboard, and run the games program to refresh me up.

But I don’t need the Escape button, because all I need is a family around me. My family is such a big one, There are 7 people in my little home that makes it never feel so dead. My dad, my mom, my sister, her husband and their two kids are the persons who always keep me smiling when I feel so down.

            There are times when we forget how important a family means for us. When we get some trouble, we always try to find the escape ourselves, forgetting how talk with our family can at least makes us feel relieved. Forgetting that there always people who always says ‘You have try your best, we’re so proud of you’ when you got bad results, people who always notice you when everybody ignore you, the same people who always give you smile when you reach good things.

            My family is the reason why I really love my childhood time. I have a good memory and best family that makes me won’t forget and makes me wonder, can it be the same without my family? 

            Do you remember how you spent your childhood time? I always remember every detail of it. I woke up in the morning, with a glass of milk and a bowl of Koko Crunch for my breakfast, and my mom, was the one who always asked me to have breakfast every morning so that I can concentrate for the school activity.  And then I took a very long shower. I always spent much time in the bathroom singing kid’s song. I used to love kids singer who are very famous in that era like Eno Lerian, Trio Kwek-Kwek, Joshua and more. I used to collect cassettes of the kids singer I like. Then my dad took me the school. My elementary school was not a quiet far from my home, so I could walk to home along with my friends. And in night my family gather together and we watch our favorite tv programs. You see, I have a perfect childhood time and a perfect family.  

            My family is the shelter when I feel so down. There so much things that make me down, final exam, first day in school, bad scores or maybe when somebody (makes a fool on me). But with my family around, I feel so comfort.

            My family is where I can tell every story, from a good one to the worst one. The place where I can be just my self, where I can learn what’s good and not.

            Maybe there’s a time when I have a problem with one of my family member.  There are several reasons why we fight with them, difference of opinion, or feelings of unfair could be one of it. But that won’t be the reason we hate our family, there always a forgiving no matter how angry we are at them.

            So do you have a problem with your family member, don’t be shame be apologize and don’t be to hard forgive. Because family is where your heart is, and your heart have to beat along. 

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