A Cleaning Service in Our Eyes

what first thing you’ll say if I ask you ‘what would you be in the future?’ do you want to be an artist? an entrepreneur? a chef, or a secretary? it’s all you to you what would you be in the future. But do you ever think about being a cleaning service?

A cleaning service, maybe doesn;t mean so much for you, I mean, if you have finished your school time, and on your way to higher your education’s level in an university that promise you a title after your name, then why’d you have to think to be a cleaning service?

As you know, there’s no specialty to be a cleaning service, as long as you can do several house work like, sweep the floor or wash dining equipments, that kind of work, we can be a cleaning service. but dont ever think that it’s easy to be a cleaning service it’s not easy to be a cleaning service, it’s not easy to clean all the building around. do you ever clean your own room? is that so tiring? then how about cleaning all the rooms in the building?

cleanliness is as important as our daily needs like food, drink or rest time. Now, imagine that the classroom at where you study is a mess around with trash in every corner, stain in the floor and wall. Is that what you expected for your class room? How can you concentrate to study if every time you take a breathe, you sniff something smell?

That’s ehy a cleaning service is very important in our activities. In my spare time in campus, I heard a topic that being talked by the two girls about cleaning service, in our campus. She complained about how incompetent the cleaning service’s work in her class. And along the story, she kept mocking on the cleaning service.

I think she was so unrespectful of what people try to do for her. Has she ever thought how beaten the cleaning service if he hear what she said? and what happen if he wont work on our campuss again?

So guys, I really wanna tell you that there’s no job that is useless. every job, how trivial it is, always give us advantage for us, and indirectly help our job too.


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