About a Book : Hoot

Title of Book : HOOT

Author : Carl Hiaasen

publisher : PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Now i’m gonna tell you something interesting in on of my favorite novel, the title is HOOT. and the tile is the first thing I notice from this novel when I first saw it on the bookstore.

At first I dont understand what the meaning of hoot. But i dont want to be so long in curiousity, so i took it from the bookshelf. and I stared at it cover. there’s only a very cute owl on it’s cover,  but it give me a little understanding about the title.

you know, in Indonesia we imitate the sound of a cock like ‘kukuruyuuuuk’ but overseas, people imitate it as ‘cookadoodledooo’ and ‘hoot’ is the way they imitate owl’s sound.

And owl is the main object in this novel, the story begin with a boy named Roy, a new boy in the block that still miss his old environment. But that wont last so long, cause later he met this guy, a boy who running through the grass so fast with no shoes while the other boy like him should be at school. Curiosity brings him to find and meet this kid, and it makes him face a lot of adventure with snake, baby crocodile, a humiliated cop and a pancake shop.

this book brings us in a very fun adventure  that happen to a kid.  how the author presents the adventure looks very real, and this story, brings us back to our childhood which full of curiosity

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