maybe we all know that in every environment, we have to communicate and socialized with other. Living our life without having friends around us is like playing card without opponent.

That’s why, having a relation between the people around you is so important. friends help you to do what you cant do. and they can give you an advice every time you feel so confuse. They also can be a good listener every time you feel so down.

But how can you find a right friends for you? not all the people in this world could be the friend furthermore the best friend for you, it’s not because they can’t but there are several things that makes you feel uncomfortable to make a friend with them such us, differences in outlook, a sense of social class differences or something like that. in fact these differences will make our friendship has its own color,but sometimes we are too strong to defense our self of the differences that exist in us,so that differences can be a wonder wall for us to be friends.

Maybe we all ever felt this kind of dilemma, where you have your friends, but unfortunately you’re feel so uncomfortable to hang up with them. what will you do? if you hang up with other friends, you’re afraid they will assume you are a traitor.

This thing could happen to everyone else, not our fault if we feel uncomfortable with the friendship that weintertwine, but there are times when we should be wise in react, not everyone in this world have the same perception with us, the difference is one thing for sure. Not one of us also if we sometimes feel the need to move the company of others, but it is not a wise thing, first thing to consideris, whether the association is good for us or not, if so, there might be we are just waiting for the right moment to declare our feelings,and maybe our friends will understand and begin to try to givecomfort, or maybe we just have to wait for ourselves to adjust with our friends, but if these friendship give a bad things for you, go ahead to make a new friends


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