Hey You

hey you, looking at me

I’m better than what you can get from her

Hey you,listen to me

I can be better than what she does

Hey you, I’ll promise you

I wont break your heart like she has done to you

You’re so nice, you’re so wonderfull

she  was so stupid to throw you away

You’re the one who make everyone’s happy

You’re the sun in the storm

she was so silly to thinking that you’re nothing

Hey you, cant you see

there so many things you can do with me than just waiting for something blurry

we can play UNO, we can hit the road, we can ride our bike

You can be Jack and I’ll be Sally

I can be Bonnie and You can be Clide

So stop thinking about your story with her

Cause it’s all just a cracks on the wall

Hey you, I know you wont be so blue anymore

So just let me in

I’ll be the yellow crayon on your box

Hey you

hey you


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