Juna Rorimpandey ; Hot-Good looking-sharp-mouthed Chef

As the one who like too cook, I also give a lot attention of  the cooking show. In the lazy time in home, I’m so enjoying my time watching cooking shoe in TV like “a la Chef’ ‘Gula-gula’ and other culinary shows.

And the lately TV show about culinary show that take so much attention for me is ‘Master Chef’

A talent show that search the people from variety of jobs like a cleaning service, a manager, or a model who want to be a chef. But that’s not the thing I wanna tell here, cause there is some one who attract me so much. and that person is Chef Juna

see, he’s so good looking, that’s why i can’t take my eyes off of him every time i watch the show.

For this 35 years old chef (what…I think he’s 28) is an Executive Chef Jack Rabbit Cuisine & Libations, a cafe which located in Jakarta. maybe you all feel so unfamiliar with this chef, I know, Cause he spent so much of his time overseas. In almost 14 years he study about culinary under supervision of an expert chef there  Michael Symon dan Chef Thomas Keller.

The way he start the culinary job was an accident. In 1997, he went to the United States (Brownsville, Texas) for flight school. Chef Juna has been licensed pilot, but the middle of taking a commercial license, flight school bankruptcy. Finally he went to Houston to continue training. Early 1998 when Indonesia was hit by the economical crisis, his mother could not help finance overseas, and eventually he had to seek work illegally though (not to get a work permit.)

Various work that attempted Chef Juna, he eventually working in a traditional Japanese restaurant as a waiter. After 2 weeks, a master sushi offered to become his disciple, Chef Juna accept the offer. He finally started from scratch and trained very hard. The restaurant owner was impressed with its performance and sponsoring Chef Juna to get a Permanent Resident.

In 2002, Chef Juna took over as head chef (chief cook) at the restaurant because the train master sushi chef Juna was moved to another restaurant. In 2003, he changed jobs to the number one sushi restaurant in Houston called Uptown Sushi. After several months, he became the Executive Chef there. Go to the year 2004, Chef Juna getting fed up with Japanese cuisine, and eventually he moved to the French restaurant, The French Laundry restaurant known as applying a high standard. He started from scratch again.Then, he was also looking for jobs elsewhere to learn more.

At the French Laundry, no punishment for those who make mistakes even though a simple mistake. They are well trained and discipline that is applied like the military. There Chef Juna learn many techniques, control of protein in foods, and foods that are decorated to create beautiful and very tasty. No wonder when Chef Master Chef Juna assess participants Indonesia is very fierce.Galaknya definitely out if food is decorated clay messy and bland taste. Fair, handsome chef but this frightening experience.

His estimation about the contestant food was very harsh. he cant compromise with the unbeautifully garnished food and  unpleasant food. it’s all because of the high standard he wants to apply to the indonesian culinary.

Besides of his carrier in the culinary words. i also take so much attention of his past. seeing the tattoo that  cover almost all around his arm, I know he used to be a bad boy. And that’s right.

When the age of 17 years, Chef Juna was a rebel child, he created a gang called the Bad Bones. By riding a Harley, they are speeding and no matter wherever they go. Kidnapped, tortured,overdoses and nearly shot in the head Chef Juna’ve ever felt.Smoking and got into drugs also. But he changed because he had a different idealism.
But however, I don’t really care about that, as long as he are so talented in his major and he’s so handsome (ehm…) I like him.
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