Lady Gaga ; so Controversial, so inspiring

I guess you all know about lady gaga, I think you can’t help you self to shake your body every time you hear her song like ‘Just Dance’ ‘Poker Face’ ‘Alejandro’ . And i’m sure you always shocked or stunned of what she does like her video clips or her fashion, I think she is one of the very influential artist in Hollywood.

Joanne Stefani Germanotta or we better known as Lady Gaga is not only a singer but also a songwriter from the United States. Born in New York, March 20, 1986, And her debut album ‘The Fame” was successfully released .

By carrying out the genre of electronic music, this album received a positive response from music critics the world. Even the single Just Dance get nominated for Best Dance Recording at the Grammy Awards event.

Gaga gets in on the BBC’s Sound of 2009 as the Best Rising Stars On December 5, 2008, On January 12, 2009, he announced will tour the first time, The Fame Ball Tour, sponsored by Dylan George Jeans. In the tour this time, Gaga will surround the United States and Canada.

When making music, Gaga also be thinking about fashion that will be charged as well. According to him, fashion including stage appearances are also important.

As a songwriter, Lady Gaga also once made a song for Britney Spears, New Kids On The Block, Pussycat Dolls and Fergie.

Sensation Lady Gaga did not stop there. Youtube video clip that the recent launch Lady Gaga, entitled Bad Romance gets the most attention from Internet users. In this video, Lady Gaga also displays an unusual concepts. Narrated Gaga kidnapped by the supermodel before it was sold to the Russian mafia in an auction.

Previously, on the cover of Rolling Stone’s 100 Hottest Issues, artist who always eccentric in this stage appearances appear semi-naked with her body covered only with plastic balls.

Unusual habit Gaga others are calling her fans as ‘little monster’.This is in keeping with the theme of her second album, THE FAME MONSTER. Gaga note also has a small tattoo monster that is destined for the fans.

fans and award was two things that always stick on Gaga, but In addition to achievement, of course, GAGA does not just miss the event that stole the attention of many viewers is without controversy. GAGA is present in this grand event wearing a dress made of raw meat.

This proves violence kepalaan GaGa because previously she was protested by PETA for wearing kostium similar to the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan.

However, GAGA with confidence wearing this costume at the MTV VMA 2010, which claims to be an expression of protest about human rights.

Not only the fashion, Gaga have been a topic between the people about how wild she was, and how the parents worry about their child if they watch gaga’s vidoe which laden with adult scene.

But however we worthy appreciate of her talent and her ability to entertain people with her music.



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