The Association of South East Asian Nation (ASEAN) is a regional organisation in south east asia , which consisted of eleven (11) countries, namely; Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam. In 1997,  the ASEAN Vision 2020 was agreed. which embodies the stable region, prosperous and highly competitive with equitable economic development is characterized by a decrease in the level of poverty and socio-economic differences. Then in 2003, agreed on three pillars to realize the ASEAN Vision 2020 which accelerated to 2015, namely:

1. ASEAN Economic Community
2. ASEAN Politcal -Security Community, 
3. ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is one form of a Free Trade Area (FTA), which is a regional economic cooperation in the region that is integrated with the hope to provide easier access to foreign trade. ASEAN countries are known as commodity-based exports of natural resources in Asia also makes production opportunities in the competitive market. However, if the government did not conduct an analysis of the problems proficiency level, some sectors of the industry will experience a point of weakness when the FTA is really implemented. 

The existence of a free market or the FTA are open the opportunities and competition in the goods and services market, investment market, capital market and the labor market. In this case Indonesia has the largest populations in the ASEAN region, which Heterogeneous communities with different types of tribes, languages ​​and customs and has many natural resources that spread from Sabang to Merauke. 
Indonesia’s economic strength is good enough, economic growth is the highest in the world after India. It will be important factor for prepare Indonesian society towards the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015.

In the First Pillar of MEA blueprint, stated that: ASEAN as a single market and international production base with elements of free flow of goods, services, investment, skilled labor and more free flow of capital. If Indonesia is not ready, then the free flow of goods, services, investment, skilled labor and capital, will be seen as a threat rather than an opportunity. MEA in an effort to enhance economic prosperity by strengthening the competitiveness to win the global competition, through the stages of integration of the domestic market as a single market and production base integration and ultimately increase competitiveness in the global market.

The MEA challenges such as field workers in Indonesia will be the threat of raising the unemployment rate, as it will have an impact on improving the living standards of the Indonesian people. Especially laborers who have no educational certification as workers were brought in from China, even Vietnam is not better welfare of Indonesian workers. If Indonesia is not ready, then the free flow of goods, services, investment, skilled labor and capital, will be seen as a threat rather than an opportunity.


The main challenge in business in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 is to improve the competitiveness of human resources capability and competitive advantage in all sectors of industry and services at the level of global competition. Organizations are also accused to be able to provide satisfactory service (customer satisfaction) and the value of the service itself (customer value). Need for human resource development based competency is done in order to deliver results in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization based on specified performance standards.

The minister of labor and transmigration, Muhaimin Iskandar  said, standard of HR qualification requirements translated into competency standards for all areas of expertise, which is a reflection on the competence of the need of every person who will work in these fields, such as : Indonesian National Competence (SKKNI), Special Competency Standards, and International Standards. 
a competency- based educational institutions is needed to produce competent human resources, and has been tested in the Professional Certification Institute to produce superior human resources.

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik presented certificates of competency to four thousand workers engaged in the tourism sector, which includes the fields of hospitality, restaurant, and spa. This was done in order Launching National Movement Competency Based Development of HR Excellence in the tourism sector. Moreover, in facing the challenges in the ASEAN region who have agreed to implement the ease tourism labor mobility in the region through mutual recognition arrangement (MRA). That’s because today’s tourism sector requires professional treatment by a reliable, standards, and certified to ensure the fulfillment of the needs of international standard tourist services.

Thus the impulse to exist amid global competition. Professionals and mastery of the English language is an important factor. The Government shall support the development of programs in a foreign language in Indonesia. Improving foreign language education in schools to foreign language training outside of school. The government could also make creative programs, one program undertaken by the citizens of Bandung with the English Thursday. Surely this is quite helpful in increasing public confidence in mengguanakan foreign language. Ability in the world of information technology will also be a factor. So also in improving the ability of the skilled labor that would be a competitor to reckon with.

Therefore, the government must take strategic steps that can be performed, including:

Empowerment Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
SME sector of the national economy is very strategic in the development of social economy. MSME is needed to increase economic competitiveness. Competition in terms of quality and quantity not only for the local and national market, but also exports. By empowering SMEs, it can create new enterprise, new jobs and can also maintain economic stability in the country.

Improving the Quality of Human Resources (HR)
HR is the most important thing facing the AEC. Qualified human resources will be able to compete and strong when facing the challenge. Nimble and innovative in taking ideas, steps, and actions. Improving the quality of human resources, for example with foreign language training. 


Hard skills and soft skills of Indonesian workers should be increased to comply with agreed standards. To that end, Indonesia should be able to improve the quality of its workforce so that it can be used both domestically and abroad as well as, to stem the skilled labor from other country so that Indonesia did not become slaves in their own country.

By improving the soft skills such as; improving the quality of foreign languages and technology comprehension . It will be open the opportunities to work in Indonesia and foreign. Besides that, professional skills that have common standards and are recognized by the institution or agency authorized education organization owned by human resources, it can also increase their value in the competitive labor market exchange.




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